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"Kim Strauss shows us how to form a partnership with a horse using kindness and complete respect. There is joy in her teaching and that translates into accelerated learning for both human and equine partner."
- Deborah Kummer

"For the past few years, I have had the pleasure and privilege to have Kim Strauss as my riding instructor. I am so excited about what I have learned, not only about horses and riding but about myself as well. She has taught me how to ride without a bit and to provide clear, consistent communication when riding or working with a horse on the ground. Kim stresses safety for horse and rider always. She has helped me understand how a horse learns and why a horse may behave in a certain way (and how to respond to or prevent certain behaviors). We have worked with obstacles for confidence-building, played games and used a cordeo among other activities, all to improve riding skills and understanding. This is such great fun for me thanks to a great teacher! I hope to continue with Kim as long as I am able."
- Cynthia Burkhart

"From the age of 6 to about 14, I was surrounded by the Hunter/Jumper discipline; competing in rated shows, riding top of the line horses, traveling here and there, jumping, showing, and worst of all, I was hurting every horse I rode without even realizing it. I began to grow tired of this whole realm of the horse world, showing stopped being so fun and exciting and I was asking myself, "What are you really learning here?". When I was younger, this atmosphere fit me like a glove, but as I grew older and wanted more knowledge and experience, I found I grew while the glove still remained the same. My mom and I found Kim Strauss who was just the opposite of what I had been previously trained in. I couldn't have been more intrigued and excited at this. All of Kim's horses are bitless, shoeless, get to spend their time playing and eating like horses should (not penned up inside all day), no physical abuse is ever handed out to any horses and best of all, the atmosphere at the barn and the people inside are simply put: the best. Since switching barns and disciplines I now not only have the experience of the Hunter/Jumper world, I am now familiar with Western, Dressage and trail riding, how to teach horses and above all, I know how to ride more balanced now. To be one with the horse, to be in balance and harmony without yanking on bits or kicking with spurs. At Renegade Wind, it's about harmony with the horse and not hurting them."
- Hannah Smith

"I have owned a 16.2h Thoroughbred gelding for about 14 years. He is twenty years old now with a seventy four year old dressage rider as his companion. He was a very frightened horse with no self-confidence when I purchased him. He was very nervous when anything new or different was tried. The nerves would bring him to the extreme and he would fall down. After having many different trainers and instructors work with him over the years, I never had any lasting help for him or myself. Then I met Kim Strauss. She has done wonders working with us for about three years. I now have a horse that has self-confidence, which, in turn, has given me my confidence back. We have learned how to work together as a team thanks to Kim. I will be forever grateful to her and so will my horse."
- Fran Pilato, Quaker Farms

"Since I began working with Kim, she has challenged the traditional mindset that the majority of trainers have when working with horses. Kim has introduced me to riding my horse bitless and with a cordeo, incorporating obstacle work and "scary" things such as plastic bags into our workouts and trick training. In addition to this non-traditional work, Kim has helped me prepare my horse for training level dressage competition. I would highly recommend Kim to anyone seeking to form a true partnership and trust with his or her horse."
- Kyla Dillon

"I bought a Quarter Horse mule to use as a trail mule. My mule, Tucky, seemed sweet, but a bit shy. Unfortunately, shortly after buying her I realized that she had been roughly treated somewhere along the way and had lost all confidence in herself and in humans. Despite my best efforts, Tucky would react with fear when I asked her to do things. I decided I needed help with her when she galloped through a twelve foot gate with me on her back! It was then that we started working with Kim, who has re-trained my mule from scratch. Kim's kind but firm training style, along with her individualized training plan and creative training tools, completely transformed my mule. Tucky is now much more confident, friendly, stronger and more athletic and a joy to ride. We could not have done it without Kim!"
- Mary McCabe, Two Mules Farm

"Before I began riding with Kim Strauss, I had no experience with the world of horses. As I became more educated over the years, I came to appreciate how lucky I was to start out with Mrs. Strauss. I was never subject to the sometimes harsher aspects of horse training, but learned right from the beginning how to have a harmonious relationship with a horse based on trust and understanding. I am now happily rehabilitating and retraining Lilly, who has Kissing Spine syndrome, using the principles that Mrs. Strauss has taught me. Without Mrs. Strauss, the happy and fulfilling relationship that Lilly and I now enjoy would not have been possible."
- Katie Nakoski

"I began riding five years ago and I was lucky to fall into Kim Strauss' hands. Out of all the stables where I could have signed up, I found myself at her place. And, I couldn't be more grateful. Her training style is entirely centered on the well being of the horse and helping the animal reach our goals through compassion and patience. I know that every time I'm with her I'm learning how to communicate and build a relationship of trust. Kim has helped me understand how horses think and what I need to do to be in the forefront of their minds. I'm grateful to have learned a gentler way to be with horses; they deserve the best and Kim helps us give them that."
- Kate Clauss